The links…

Some links are visible, tangible, you have just to open your eyes to see, enjoy, share them.

Other links are invisible, undefinable, chimerical. It is necessary to observe with attention but to be, also, inclined to perceive them.

The people whom you consider, those that you love, will be soon together to share your happiness. For a brief moment, these links will emerge around you, many and successive, disappearing so fast as they came to light.

My intention is to capture these links, family and friendship, your links of love… simply.

To reveal you such as you are, without subtlety nor prejudged, is in my opinion the best way to practice Photography. That is definitely the way I chose to make your images timeless and unique.

I propose to “put my eye” at your service to deliver an original and artistic vision of your wedding.

My name is Jeremy Fiori. I am a photographer.
And I could be a witness of your marriage.